Multiblend Flagstone

Multiblend Blue Brown Ledgestone Thin Veneer

Multiblend Steps

Multiblend Ledgestone Thin Veneer

Multiblend Paving

Multiblend Cobbles


The Multiblend Flagstone has a very wide range of colors. A very versatile flagstone, it can be applied to any landscaping or construction project, indoor or outdoor.

Sizes of pieces range greatly from hand-sized to full slabs. Flagstone is available random, in cut patterns or customized sizes.

Available in lighter and darker blends.

SBI Stock's multiblend in a natural cleft finish with snapped/natural edges and various thicknesses of flagstone.

Various sizes of 2" thick treads and 6" thick steps.


  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Paving

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