Bison - 2CM Pavers

Bison - 2CM Paver, AXI Brown Chestnut

Bison - 2CM Paver, AXI Grey Timber

Bison - 2CM Paver, AXI White Pine

Bison - 2CM Paver, Block Bianco

Bison - 2CM Paver, Bluestone

Bison - 2CM Paver, Mark Chrome

Bison - 2CM Paver, Seastone Gray

Bison - 2CM Paver, Trust Gold

Bison - 2CM Paver, Trust Silver


2CM Pavers are a beautiful surfacing option for rooftop environments. 2CM Pavers create aesthetic appeal for rooftop decks, outdoor patios, or pool surrounds. The 2CM Paver and Paver Tray System provides weather resistance and protection as well as valuable outdoor space for buildings.

Note: Actual colors of 2CM Pavers may differ from pictures; please contact us for color samples.


Available in: AXI Brown Chestnut, AXI Grey Timber, AXI White Pine, Block Bianco, Bluestone, Mark Chrome, Seastone Gray, Trust Gold, Trust Silver


  • Patios
  • Paving
  • Pool Coping
  • Pool Decks
  • Commercial Applications
  • Outdoor Living

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